Amenorrhea and pain in pelvic region

33/y/o female presented with amenorrhea and pain in pelvic region since 10 years There is intermittent pain around left illiac fossa Appetite normal Thirst normal Micturation no pain or burning Bowel sometimes incomplete evacuation Prakriti kapha vata

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D/d ectopic pregnancy, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, constipation, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis. Is amenorrhea since 10 years. No menarchy? Patient's marital status? Duration of amenorrhea? Such details helpful for differentiating probable diagnosis.

Thank you Dr. Adhikari

Endometriosis i think uttar vasi would be effective,with punarnavasava,himcocid,phal ghrita and shatavari churna.

Endometriosis is Sadhya with Ayurved?

M2 tone syrup Pushyanug churna Ashokarishtha Rajapravartni vati



Dx Imperforated Hymen ?

Lyco.200 /4 globules od for seven days Asoka Q /20 -20 drops tds with cup of water Puls. 30/ 4-4 globules tds

Rx USG abdomen and pelvic organs, Urine R/E, Tab Gatiflox 400mg Or Tab Aristogaticin 400 1 OD X 5 days Syp Masturien 2 TSF tid,if no UTI,if UTI maybe then after , In UTI if may be Syp Protrate _ UB TID with water. Tab Meftal spass 1 SOS

Rajparvartni vati Ashokaristha Kantasinduram tablet Hutabhugadi churan


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