Amenorrhea of 7 weeks, Dx?

A 40-year-old, G5P2 patient with a history of 2 spontaneous miscarriages and one right tubal pregnancy treated with laparoscopic right salpingectomy came with a complaint of amenorrhea over the previous 7 weeks and 3 days. She had mild lower abdominal pain, and her vital signs were stable. hCG β level was 63,557 mIU/ml, which indicated pregnancy. TVS shows a heterogeneous mass. What is your opinion on this case?


It looks like tubal pregnancy Fetal pole is not seen very clearly . Further confirmation can be done with CT pelvis

Tubal ectopic pregnancy

Is it ectopic pregnancy?? @Dr. Vipin Bihari Jain sir please opine

Thank you sir @Dr. Vipin Bihari Jain

Such a high levels of hcg goes in favour of intrauterine pregnancy , needs proper follow up for adnexal mass . Repeat usg after 2 wks if pt. is clinically stable.

Ectopic pregnancy

Apparently it is ectopic tubal pregnancy

Tubal Ectopic

Is this mass on left side?does ut show gestational sac?

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