An 85 year old female presented with a blisters. The rash began 1 week ago on her right hand, but it has progressed to her arm, upper chest, and abdomen. The rash is painless but intensely itchy, and it limits her ability to complete routine tasks. What is the diagnosis and treatment for this.



Allergic dermatitis with secondary inf. Rx. Antihistamine , with broad spectrum antibiotics n analgesic for 10 day

dermatitis with sec infection treat Antibiotic antiallergic momoz -f cream locally avoid detergent use aataril soap will help and

Herpes zoster

Could be Contact Allergic reaction Antihistamines n antibiotics to be given

herpes zoster

I agree with Dr. U.Shrivastava.

Herpes zoster .give acyclovir with acyclovir oint and pain killers and also give neurobian forte

Herpes Zoster

May be HZ

Herpes zoster

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