An uncommon case of alopecia totalis in a 13 year old boy...suggest management

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I suggest , Gun Powder 6 x tablets ...1oz. apply 2 tablets externally and make him sit in the sunlight ...for 30 min. Give him Syp Helmina plus ..1 Tsf x 2 times daily for 1 week .. Gunpowder 6x tabs should also be given 1 tab daily.. internal..after breakfast... Results shall follow after 6 weeks. Trevo juice 15 ml twice daily for 6 months... visit

No treatment. Very simple solution is very fine wig with well fitting. Steroids in heavy doses may cause osteoporosis and cataract at this tender age. Let thi_ issue name handled by male beauty Parlour people.

generally alopecia totalis has poor prognosis and treatment failure are common... modalities are.. topical minoxidil 5% has best results.... intralesoinal steroids ...10 mg/ml topical steroids clobetasol but sideeffects are more... topical application of contact irritants oral corticosteroids 1mg Per kg in pulse dosing...

No treatment Prognosis poor

Alopecia is... But I think its ALOPECIA UNIVERSALIS.. As there are also loss of eyelashes... does there any loss of eyebrows and facial hairs if any..?? Its an autoimmune disorder with very poor prognosis.. Systemic steroids with Methotrexate and local minoxidil 5 percent may help... but doubtful... Use of wig is helpful.. as weaving or hair transplant is much costlier..

Eyebrows and body hair growth are normal...if you look closely you can see the eyebrows of the patient...thanks for your answer

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Hi sir u can go with raktmokshana , mandara lepam of mannfor pharma, pratimarsana Nasya with sat bndu taila

alopecia totalis topical minoxidil 5% oral corticosteroid and use of wig helpful

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