anal fissures

one beutyful case of fissure ano.. pt is taking medicine from me before. and he is ok... but after few time he left.. and just try ayurvedic ointment for that... but recently one week before he has too mutch pain.. no bleeding... Constipation since few day... nd he got pain the ointmnet not work.. he ask me to which surgen good. I see the sevearity of pain.. I advice just take three day homeopathy medicine if not ok then I come with u.. for surgen opinion.. I give grephitis. 200 weekly dose. bd asculus bd and ratanhia 200 tds.. he have so mutch improvment... pain go within second day... grephitis is his Constitution... fair faty constipated..... now all good homeopathy work magicaly.



Congratulations Fair, fatty, constipation indicate Calcaria carb also but in that case fissure present, and hope perspiration is less, skin is dry, rough. So it is the right selection.

Yes sir.. But here I got the symtoms..... In calacerea one symtoms constipated then getting relive... The condition.... I not get.. Here so I priscribe grephitis....

Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Fissure in Ano Selected All Medicine is Right Doctor. Add One Medicine Doctor Full Response * Acid Nit ,200 Weekly 1dose. X4dose = 4dose. One month After Do Medicine 1.m. Monthly 1dose X2month = 2dose Wait till 2 month.

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Well done @Prakash Darji sir Have you done the local examination? Is it a case of Chronic Fissure? What about the elasticity of anal sphincter?

No sir it's acute menifestation of chromic case.. Case of fissure is 6month old..

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