Friends today I am discusing about #Anemia . Anemia is not in itself a disease, it just gives an indication towards various medical conditions associated with diseases. Anemia refers to a reduction of red blood cell count or decreased haemoglobin level. Since the red cell production is reduced or the red blood cells are destroyed at a high rate, the end result is weakness, fatigue and various other symptoms. Homeopathic remedies  provides a complete cure for anemia . The natural Homeopathic medicines are free from any side effects and are very effective in the treatment of Anemia. The Homeopathic mode of treatment, with the use of medicines made of natural substances, is very effective in treating Anemia. There is no specific Homeopathic remedies for Anemia. The medicines are solely selected on the basis of individual symptoms.Top Homeopathic Medicines For Anemia Ferrum Metallicum: Best Homeopathic medicine for Anemia Aletris Farinosa: Homeopathic medicine for Anemia in women with extreme fatigue China: one of the Best Homeopathic medicines for Anemia following excessive bleeding Natrum Mur: One of the best  Homeopathic medicines for Anemia with weight loss Homeopathic medicine Ferrum Phos a haemoglobin enhancer



Nice presentation doctor The other medicines in homoeopathy, I will add to your list... 1. Arsenic alb...for degenerative pathology & who are Cachectic. 2. Ferrum.Ars & Ferrum.Picric for Anemia with Concomitant Splenomegaly. 3. Phosphorus for Anemia with Concomitant bleeding tendency. 4. Grantum & Cina for Anemia with Intestinal worms. Pulsatilla & Cyclamen differentiated by thermal reaction, are suitable for constitutional Anemia with Concomitant Menstrual disorders. 5. Alumina for Anemia with Plummer-Wilson syndrome going towards precancerous condition, & also for concomitant posterior spinal cord Sub-Acute combined degeneration with Intrinsic absorption problem. Lac degloratum for Anemia with Concomitant Diabetes mellitus & Migraine symptoms with peculiar Constipation Thank you

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Stye and staphysagria-30

Ferrum phos

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