Anemia types and test

21 yrs/M Engineering Student came with c/o Loss of appetite. general weakness weight losss no c/o pruritis, breathlessness.bipedal edema.cough. no c/o Pr bleed,Hematemesis. deny any addiction Past h/o Blood transfusion 2years back for low Hb,no details available right now,advised to bring all old papers. O/E Yellow discoloration of Skin,upper bulbar conjunctiva present. Pr 78bpm. bp120/50mmhg wide pulse pressure RS clear Spo2 99at RA PA Soft NT No Hepato,splenomegaly. urgent cbc lft done. cbc s/o Hb 4.0gm%,WBC 3500,Plt 413000. LFT= S/O raised conjugated bilirubin 1.64,Unconjugated 0.87mg/dl TB 2.51mg/dl Sgot/Pt 83.4/77.4 Alp 281. ?Hepatocellular Jaundice. plan for Supportive rx fr hepatitis,BGCM,Bld transfusion,Urine R &M,Usg Abdo,Viral markers hepatitis,RFT,SE,Complete LFT,Bt,Ct,PT/INR. please comment on Diagnosis further line of investigations and management.




21 years old male with no blood loss from any sources with HB.- 4 gms and past history of blood transfusion needs thorough evaluation as to cause of anaemia .LFT derangement is secondary to anaemia . Get a Hb electrophoresis done to rule out thalassemia, osmotic fragility to rule out hereditary spherocytosis, sickling test to rule sickle cell anaemia . Loss of weight and appetite gives a hint to rule out malignancy like lymphoma , leukaemia and an Ultrasound scan of abdomen will help further evaluation . A bone marrow examination may be required if all other tests are inconclusive

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Evaluate for megaloblastic Anemia & Thalassemia or a viral hepatitis, USG W/A

Evaluate for megaloblastic anemia Or viral hepatitis. Go for same investigations u are planning.

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Combination of recurrent anemia, anorexia, hyperbilirubinemia, Leukopenia, point out to 1) Megaloblastic ANEMIA 2) Hemolytic ANEMIA CBC showing RBCs larger than 100, increase in RETI count, increased LDH , bone marrow evidence for megaloblasts will confirm megaloblastic anemia. Typical PS picture, low haptoglobin level and positive fragility test, hemoglobin electrophoresis will suggest hemolytic anemia .

Rule out hemolytic anemia ..Advise for sickling test and Hb electrophoresis..Adv..usg abd and pelvis to rule out gallstones..

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Advise for investigation of thalassemia,hb typing , hepatitis,sonography of the abdomen

R/o hemolytic jaundice P/h of low hb and had BT Present hb is 4gm needs BT

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Severe Anemia Urgent need 4 unit PRBC BLOOD TRANSFUSION CHECK IRON PROFILE, b12 folate in blood

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