Angioneurotic Swelling Part 3 (Two cases attached below)

Angioneurotic Swelling Part 3 I would like to know that a case of angioneurotic swelling who has been under treatment, complaints of Paresthesia and Swelling again after stopping medicines. How to proceed with this case? His almost all reports are normal, electrolytes are normal too His HBA1c is 6.2%, so can we give him oral steroids? If yes, what tapering regimen to follow? I have attached the case below when he reported first time, then second time his ECG too was taken too.


Need investigation like Allergy test, IgE and further add Injection Histaglob one vial sc once in a week for four such and Tab Septallin one tds rest continue as you are giving

Try to find out allergens. B1B6B12 to be given for neuritic symptoms, medicines to be tapered as per symptoms


Allergy profile to be done & management to be decided accordingly

Do allergic skin testing steriod if you continue for more then15 days then tapper otherwise no need to tapper yes increase sugar but hb1 ac upto7 ok try ciplactin phenergan auto blood therapy satisfactory results atarax good drugs add ppi h2 blocker

Find out the source of allergy Go for : serum IG E level , allergy full testing For paraasthesis Use gabaneurone od dose