age- 30 years male complaint of anosmia since 15 years Initially he used to get little bit smell but it gradually reduced now now there is no smell at all no other complaint No H/O any long treatment or major injury Appetite- normal thirst- increased urine- normal stool- unsatisfied desire- raw rice aversion- N.S mentally he is slow in learning learned talking and walking late has to tell twice anything to make him understand Desires company Likes to travel Suggest diagnostic procedures and treatment


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For systematic examination of nose and ears to exclude systemic involvement. Dig into the history so to rule out any trauma Proper examination of central nervous system really give clue about the potential cause of the condition and can treat accordingly...

Find out the exact cause of anosmia, is it related to other diseases like nasal polyp, sinusitis or else

Insecurity,stress fear,what were parents doing..... needs counselling calmness symphony music... laughter, walnuts blue berries sunshine walk prayers ginger carrots cherries berries apricots sprouts kalijeeri no sugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods,all cool food,,,,love...

Dx Anosmia -means loss of smells or loss of taste,it may be congenital,due to nasal polyps, due to chronic coryza,due to long time treatment by antibiotics medication,in some mental disease like Schizophrenia etc. Rx Baryta carb 1m/3dose once in 15 days Silicea30 tds

Traumatic history may be possible ,trigeminal.nerve deformity .रसराज एक वटी रोज सुबह,स्वर्ण बसंत मालती ,सारिवादि वटी ,दशमूल क्वाथ से चेहरे का स्वेदन( कपड़े से ढककर भाप लें )।

Root cause of Anosmia should be ruled out *May be due to recurrent nasal polyp/sinusitis/nerve damage *Since chronic now, needs experts consultation

vamana and nasya karma will be very useful.agastya haritaki,laghu sootasekhar ras,haridra kandha, arogyavardini vati,dasmoolarista will help her.

Corticosteroids use for nose two drops in a time Sadbindu oil for use nose two drops use each nose

Neti Kriya Of Yoga Pranayamas. Nasya Shirodhara Are Helpful.

Baryta phos. 30 will be helpful in this case.

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