Antibodies to tackle COVID-19

A quick view of the authorized and pipeline antibodies for treating COVID-19



Wide number of products are under trial phase2/3 Two monoclonal antibodies are given approval in India for EUA Hence availability and cost are still to be understood Anyway good drugs are in pipeline better available at earliest so needy may get help

Thanx dr Vedprakash Singh

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One of the more weapons to fight Covid 19 cases in moderate to severe level Monoclonal antibody cocktail ..and still they working to stop infection .That will be the great day to finish Covid 19 Pandamic to save whole world .

Indian govt has given approval of two monoclonal antibodies ie casirimivab and imdemivab for the treatment of covid19 who are diabetic or CKD who are prone to become serious when given to the pt both antibodies mixed together that's why it is called cocktail each vial contain 1200mg dose dose of one pt is 600mg each given in ns or sc this is two pt dose total cost of the dose 120000rs one pt cost 60000rs this antibody prevent the entry of virus into the cell bypreventing attachment of spike protein of corona virus with ace2receptor do virus cannot enter the cell it is best effective if given within 72hours now so many antibodies are in pipelines

Nice informative updates. Still we are in process of pipeline and waiting the process to complete , more 2 yrs has already been elapsed.

Thanks Dr Ved Prakash Singh

Nice information.. Useful information.. Monoclonal antibodies.. For covid 19 cases.. Nice information uploaded...

Thanks doctor Dev sir

Nice post


Very informative

Monoclonal antibodeis has always been under research Yes I think we can have a positive hope from this... And Thank you Doctor

Good presentation

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