Any guidelines for the duration of anticoagulant post severe covid infection?



7 to 10 days s/c LMWH therapy. 4 to 6 weeks oral anticoagulation therapy after discharge.

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Any admitted pt for more than 4 days for covid with raised ddimer on lmwh Continue oral anticoaugulant for2 to3 week at least

4-6 weeks of oral NOACs... post discharge.

Tab dabiclot 75 , 110mg to 150 mg for 2 weeks based on symptoms like dependency on 02 and ddimer levels

Between 8 to 12 days LMWH After 1M ORAL XA Inh

Usually after lmw Rivaroxaban given for4 weeks and if saturation detoriate can be continued for 6 weeks

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