Any medication for thumb sucking habit in kids.. Any medicine for local finger application??



thumb sucking is a behavioural disorder . most of the children outgrow it by 2 to 4 years of age . underlying causes like teething boredom emotional insecurity loneliness aggravate such behaviour . its not only involve just thumb sometimes other fingers as well . which ever finger the child likes becomes the predominant finger . presence of blister n callosities in thumb adds to the diagnosis . there will malocclusion of teeth with upper teeths protruding n lower ones going inside . anways american dental pediatric academy are strictly against advising something bitter to the thumb to prevent the child from sucking it . they encourage application of bandage or socks on thumb . other therapies include introducing a nice toy as soon as the child starts thumb sucking . rewarding the child for not sucking . addressing emotional issues n loniliness by spending time with the child . good luck

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We have seen many child c thumb sucking,& followed up to adolescence, except for some teeth deformity,or minor changes, no other disorder occurs, Other aspect of thumb suckers say that “ they feel so happy,/ feels calm,/ they don’t feel loneliness ,coz they r sucking.” This is a little experince which I gathered,

Tq.dr.Nitish prasad

Putting gloves on child's hands or wrapping the thumb with an adhesive bandage or a cloth may help remind child not to suck the thumb. Offering praise, positive attention, and rewards for not thumb-sucking may also help child break the habit.

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Apply same like bandage / vaseline/ haldi ghee mix / as we apply to remove breast feeding habits..simple n practical.. I think no medicine is available in market for specific application on thumb. Pls update me too if it's there. Thanku

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