Any specialist who would like to suggest and add to the treatment.

Hello, this is Dr. Yatendra Pratap here. I'm in home quarantine since 4-11-20. I came in contact with a Covid pt. for 3 days from 29-10-20 to 31-10-20, who was in ICU on Bipap support. Later on 2-11-20 I developed symptoms - Mild bodyache, Feverish Feeling but no high temperature and mild cough. I also have history of pulmonary tuberculosis 3 years ago. Chief Complaints Current symptoms - Bodyache, Joints Pain, Feverish Feeling all the time, Cough with expectoration, One episode of vertigo. Investigations On 4-11-20 my Covid 19 RTPCR Report came positive. Other investigations CBC,ESR,LFT,KFT,CRP,LDH,D-DIMER,FERRITIN all these are WNL. Management Currently I'm on these medications. Tab. Zinconia 50mg OD Tab. Famotidine 20mg BD Tab. Ivermectin 12mg BD Tab. Doxycycline 100mg BD Tab. Azithromycin 500mg OD Tab. Pan 40mg BD (BBF) Tab. Pcm 650mg SOS Also I'm consuming hot ginger water on regular basis.



Get ur Vit D3 level.


Take care & at least twice a day inhale hot water steam of plain water Consume hot water with ginger and honey . Use lemon & Amla in ur diet Check out saturation on regular basis after every meals

Check SPO2 regular basis after 10 min walking

Alright will check it

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