Any treatment for this condition in homeopathy, patient is a

Any treatment for this condition in homeopathy, patient is a young male with swellings over scrotum and is planning to get married soon



Multiplese Sebaceous scrotal cysts.... The idiot realised it today...? SYCOTIC DOMINANCE...Check for STD , DIABETES...You can think of Thuja, Bac, Rtox, Petr: Jock-itch* Describe the lesion,did it feel when you saw, touched/ pressed it... was it hard cystic soft was the pts.expressions...? Everything counts....dear...Yo can be a chemist.(3yrs)..Doctor (lifespan feels less) more info. abt patient..take detailed history... dear..write each and everything too to bottom...head -toe...up-down...Such diseases are stubborn like. their masters who pamper them...So go for biopsy..cbc ear stool urine

With this little picture, the only medicine we could think of is ,Thuja occ.

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Is it only on scrotum or on any other parts of body?? It is necessary to know first. If no then it is subaceous. But if not any other parts of body is affected then may b other disease Neuro fibro matoses??

Give Nitric acid 1M single dose. This is a peculiar symptom because nitric acid is the only remedy in the rubric "hard brown nodules on scrotum ". Doubly confirmed since young man eager to get married requires conium which follows as well as precedes nitric acid. Biopsy should be postponed until Nitric Acid is given reasonable time to act


Dr. Rajan N. Iyer sir please share your views

Thanks! For tagging me Dr.Sweetyji

Multiple sebaceous cysts. Excision.

Thuja, calc flour, conium in high potency may help this case before this check for biopsy, diab as iyer sir told

This is sycotic disease Thuja cm 3doses at 5minutes intervals wt and watch

Antim curud 1m

Thuja may work well

Yes Thuja

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