Anything significant in ECG

A male who is a chronic Smoker had inguinal hernia and was posted for Surgery Chief Complaints Routine ECG was done Vitals BP- 126/70 mmHg Management Anything needs to be done?




St elevation in lead 3 with Reciprocal changes in lead aVl St depression in v2 v3 Inferioposterior mi must be ruled out

Incomplete Rbbb, wide upstroke of S wave in v2 and v3 . Do Fontaine lead to see epsilon wave. Rule out ARVD. ST elevation in leads 3 and aVF to rule out Repolarization abormalities.

Poor progression of r wave.R/o ischemia 2decho

NSR , sinus tachycardia RAD , RBBB ,poor progression of R Suggest,Xray chest , ECHO and cardiac evaluation before surgery

RBBB and rule out acute inferior wall STEMI by caridiac enzymes and CAG

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Stemi iwmi

Do 2D Echo to rule out Regional wall motion abnormalities.ECG suggested inferior wall infarction.

No Need ECG Shows RBBB

Hello sir... Kindly repeat the ecg .... Bcos st elevatoions in inferior leads n cardiac troponins n 2DEcho before surgery

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