About the aorta , It is a Gauzy vessel that vessel leavs the heart and is responsible for distributing oxygenated Blood to the whole Body . This vessel can Suffer consequence of poor living habits ,such as the formation of Aneurysm ( Dilatation ) , Dissection of the leaves ( As shown in the Photo on the left ) and atherosclerosis ( formation of fat plaques ). *Arterial dissection Occurs when Blood enters the Media through a tear or ulcer in the intima and Trecks along the Media , forming a second, Blood filled channel within the cell wall. The Normal lumen Lined by intima is called the True lumen and the Blood filled channel ,in the Media is called the false lumen. The false lumen is at a higher pressure than the True lumen due to poor outflow . Aortic dissection is a relatively uncommon , though catastrophic , Acute illness , propagation of the dissection can Occur proximal ( Retrograde ) Or distal ( Antegrade ) to the initial tear , involve the Aortic valve, or Branches of the thoracic and or abdominal aorta. *This is responsible for clinical manifestation that can Include Aortic regurgitation , cardiac tamponade ,and end - Organ ischemia ( Coronary , cerebral , spinal or visceral extremity ). *Dissection is Classified as type A if it Occurs in the ascending portion of the aorta, or Type B if it Occurs in the descending aorta. *CT Especially with arterial contrast enhancement is the Investigation of choice / able not only to diagnose and classify the dissection but also to evaluate for Distal complications . *Treatment -: Treatment include aggressive blood pressure Control with beta blockers as they Reduce both Blood pressure on the also Heart rate hence Reduce extra pressure on the Aortic wall, as well as immediate surgical repair.



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