APAMARGA Botanical name : Achyranthes aspera Family : Amaranthaceae Two varieties of Apamarga Shweta – White – Achyranthes aspera Rakta – red – Pupalia lappacea Moq. SANSKRIT SYNONYMS Rakthapamarga, Mayoora, Sikhari, Markatapippali AYURVEDIC PROPERTIES Rasa : Tikta, Katu Guna : Teekshna, Sara Virya : Ushna Vipaka : Katu PLANT NAME IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES English : Small prickly chaff -flower plant Hindi : Chirchira Malayalam : Cherukataladi CLASSICAL CATEGORIZATION Charaka Shiro virechanopaga Krimighna Vamanopaga Sushruta- Arkadi Vagbhata- Arkadi PLANT DESCRIPTION An annual herb usually found in moist localities. The ascending branch ends in inflorescence. Stems and branches are greenish red. Leaves are simple, opposite, exstipulate and short petioled. Flowers reddish violet in terminal spikes, Fruit ovoid membranous utricles enclosed in the perinath. Seeds are oblong and single. MEDICINAL PROPERTIES Plant pacifies vitiated vata, kapha, diseases of urinary system and uterine disorders. It has constipating property. Part used- Root, Seed, Leaf, Whole Plant, Kshara Dosage- Fresh juice – 5 – 10 ml in divided dose per day. Kshara 0.5-2 g – in divided dose per day. CLASSICAL YOGA Apamarga kshar Apamarga kshar tailam Ardhabilva kvath churna Jyotishmati tailam Maha panchgavya ghrita Maha vishgarbha taila   Gorochanadi Gutika



@Dr. Hemant Adhikari Sir, As usual an excellent way of representation of this important herb - Apamarga I am only adding to related to the Varga you have described " ShiroVirechanam".The powders of Apamarga in a dose of 1-2 GM and in increasing order can be used as Pradhamana Nasya and be very effective in Kaphaja Shriosula and in Chronic Sinusitis.

Thank you so much for the Input @Dr. Niranjan Ram sir

Achyranthes aspera is an Indian herb, it is also used in Homeopathic. It's clinical effects on cases of diarrhoea, diuretics, dysentery, menorrhagia, anti-hemorrhagic, bad effects of dog and snake bites, burns etc. It is used in mother tinctures

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No.1- Root use normal dilivery of any female cow, got, woman etc. No.2. Apamarg seeds Ric make kheerpak ( kheer ) N. eat aprox 7-15 day's do fast. ,See Bhavprakash Nighantoo.

Kheer pak ka use kya hai

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Thank you @Dr. Hemant Adhikari Sir! For next herb!!! I'm saving this as usual I do.

Thank you Sir, for accepting the request of adding a dosage!!!

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Wonderful and very informative post@Dr. Hemant Adhikari sir.

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Does it's root will help for normal delivary??? Ramdev Baba's book said.

Yes sir, Classically its mentioned somewhere....

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