Aphasia vs dysarthria

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DYSARTHRIA :- ⏺️ speech disorder or impairment. ⏺️ Due to speech muscle paralysis like muscles of lips, tongue, throat, vocal cords or diaphragm. ⏺️ May also be due to brain injury in which the nerves injured which supplies the speech muscles. APHASIA :- ⏺️ Language impairment or disorder. ⏺️ Unable to express themselves. ⏺️ Cuased due to stroke or other brain injury. Aphasia is always due to brain injury, while dysarthria may or may not.

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Aphasia& dysarthria are difficulties in speech aphasia not getting proper words dysarthria difficulties in muscles of speech

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CONCLUSION. APHASIA Is an acquired disturbance of language where as dysarthria is an acquired disorder of speech production

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