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Aphthous ulcer

Ulcer on tongue from last 10 years pain, eating problem low appetite. Take Jaity lotion or Candid ointment and vitamin b complex several times with antibiotics but not cure not give full improvement. Also use moth wash hexidine. Chief Complaints Pain in tongue and ear. History Last 10 years suffer in this mouth ulcer can't take salt or Piper or soda or alcohol etc. Vitals ESR high, eiosinophilia, Physical Examination Stout slime and enthusiastic person. BP normal, tendency suicide due to incurable mouth ulcer. Piles present . Investigations Skin and ENT Dr doing biopsy but nothing abnormal . So they send near me for Acupuncture. Diagnosis Aphthous ulcer. Management Looking this ulceerative condition LLT given three times a week for three minutes to four minutes. After two week pain subside and ulcer heal up completely. Also advise only take boil food no tea or coffee or any drinks or khowini.


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LLT is help full, I show it to the Dr's frds.

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In such patients there is lot of pain and difficult to take normal meals due to severe burning over ulcers. Hence should be given only butter and chapat@ies or vegetables like bhindi (ladies finger) and ghangheri (तोरई ridge gourd) Pt.should avoid taking more acidic foods. Local application as antiseptic and to relieve pain.

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Dx Apthous Ulcer ??? Rx Borax , Nitric acid , Phosphorus , NV

Borax or Merc sol may be helpful for such cases. Advise to maintain oral hygiene

Borax 30

Acid Nitric 200 fortnightly × 3 dose

Aur met/ 1 M s dose,,,,nit acid/30 QDS

Nitric Acid 30 2pills thrice a day for 7days followed by Syphilinum 1M , 1dose

Nitric acid 30

Nit acid 6x Borax 30

LLT is help full, I show it to the Dr's frds.

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