Arrythemia?? Tachycardia??

Male child of age 15 Chief Complaints Sleeplessness Increased heart beat often Weakness Loss of appetite Constipation Often sweat come from both hand Since 5 months History History of icterus five months ago Birth history: Normal Vitals Bp:100/70 Pulse:106 Rbs:94 Temp:98.7 Weight: 33.2 kg Physical Examination Weak Anemic Investigations Cbc: hb 10.2 Esr:12 Montoux negetive Sgot sgpt wnl S.bil 1.8 Ecg finding :sinua arrythemia Diagnosis Funtional dyspepsia?? Anxiety?? Arrythemia?? Management Need to be discuss... Need vaulable opinion


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Sinus Tachycardia with a rough HR of 100/min The above mentioned complaints can be due to Anxiety alone.... School stress and other related problems shd be ruled out

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As u mentioned, it’s anxiety c sinus tachycardia, Counselling & Psychaitric Rx to be done.

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Sinus tachycardia hr 110/mt.its sinus rhythm. No arrhythmia is seen

I will be suggested that to take history about psychiatric symptoms. Theses are multiple somatic experiencing due to unusual general medical conditions. That is clear finding about to suffer from stress with mental situations. So,to support him with counsellor and nutritional supplements,Long acting Benzodiazipne,properly evaluation about psychological association with him cognitive conditions.

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ECG shows sinus tachycardia

Ecg is WNL,NSR and rate normal

Normal for his age

I am agree with@Dr. Madhukar Deshpande Sir.

Thanks dr.Pranab Bera


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