Atrial Septal Defect.

ASD-Ostium Secundum with Af. Chief Complaints A 42 yr old male attended Mopd with Anxiety and palpitation since few hours. No associated chest pain,SOB,Dizziness, Vomiting, Fever ,LOC etc. No H/O HTN,DM,Thyroid disorder. He is occasional Alcoholic. K/C/O of Ostium Secundum - ASD,dilated RA and RV ,Hypothyroidism. General Examination is normal except PR of 194/min irregularly irregular. BP of 110/ 70. His ECG was done showing Af with FVR. Anti arrhythmic drug along Anti coagulant has been started. His rate is controlled now


Is he taking eltroxin for hypothyroidism??

No sir..he has stopped medicine since 1 month.

Congenital anomaly

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