30 yrs/male complained of pus discharge from right ear since 15 days discharge- watery yellowish offensive- yes pain- no ENT report- ASOM reduced hearing on right side History of inserting ear bud in the right ear 1 month back Started with itching in ear with reduced hearing followed by discharge All generals are normal desire- sweet things aversion- N.S Stool- normal Urine- offensive with occasional burning Rx ?



I Agree with@Dr. Kedareshwar Pancholi Sir ENT Specialists Opinion required ...

ENT.Specialists Opinion and His or Her Suggested investigation Needed.

Arnica Montana 200 weekly × 3 dose Silicea 30 TDs

Dx ASOM / Ear drum Perforation. Rx Silicea .

My sister in low has ear drum perforation with the help of silicea it was repaired

Lycopodium 1m/3dose weekly Silicea30 tds

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@Hemant Adhikari

Cyclamen 30 (morning ) Sepia 30 (afternoon ) & Anagallis 6 o 30 (evening) Hepar sulph 1000 (to start with )

ENT opinion preferred. Can prescribe Tab. Septilin 2tid, followed by sthanika chikitsa.

Put garlic cloves in ear when sleep.. alkaline diet sproutskalijeeri prayers

K.s or Hepar sulph may work kindly Differentiate it...

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