Association between D - diamer level and CTSS CT severity score in confirmed COVID-19 cases.

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in covid-19, Rx Sitopaladi+ Honey bd Sanjivani vati 2bd Sudafshan ghanvati 2tid Shunthi dhanayak fant sos Shadbindu oil for daily nasya. are helpful.

Good is running throgh tough times due to corona pandemic. I Dr Rafeeque senior physician,Nanded,Maharashtra, in my daily practice coming across lot of patients of covid 19. I wanted to share one thing in these patients is strong corelation between D diamer and CTSS is being observed.Definately other parameters like ferritin,LDH and CRP too were found to be associated.But i have found strong relationship bet D dia and CTSS.Even D dia can be used for prognostic purpose too in covid 19 cases when u ruled out other possible causes of d dia elevation. Whats others take on this...will be happy to know n help out in solving out impending crisis.Than Q..Dr.Rafeeque MD medicine,Director Pulse Hospital,Nanded,Maharashtra,India.

To Confirmed Covid 19 case use RT-PCR CT - CORAD done in Co-morbidity pt. to rule out lung involved.... D-dimer increased during covid 19 significantly So can't consider as Diagnosis Purpose

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