Asthma or not?

Chief Complaint A 34 year old female presents with breathlessness and wheezing on exertion. History He has the same complaint every year in the rainy season. She works in a leather factory. She takes daily Albuterol. Vitals BP: 125/80 mmhg, Pulse: 80 beats/mint, Resp rate: 19 breaths/ minute, Temp: 9.3 degree F Physical examination She looks pale. Lungs shows diffuse wheezing with fair excursion and prolonged expiratory phase. Investigations Spirometry: Predicted Actual % FVC: 1.635, FEV: 1.385, FEV1/FVC: 84 FEf: 1.635 Diagnosis Does she have asthma? but her spirometry is normal. Treatment Please suggest.

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Treatment - levolin 2puff QID 7days then sos,budamate 200mg 2puff BD, tab.deriphyllin 400 1/2 tab OD, & other supportive medicine

@Dr. Shekhar Verma very described history thanks for that Chest X ray Rtpcr ruled out Pneumonia Tt with antibiotics and Nebulized Bd 2 days

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