Asthma Pathophysiology & Diagnosis - A Synopsis

Asthma is a common disease and has a range of severity, from a very mild, occasional wheeze to acute, life-threatening airway closure. The diagnosis of asthma involves a thorough medical history, physical examination, and objective assessments of lung function in those ≥ 6 years of age. Please read and share your experiences.......



Asthma is routine disease encountered in daily opd and if clinician is well worsed with clinical examination and pathophysiology of disease it can be diagnosed instantly and relief can be provided Yes every clinician should have a flowmeter in his bag to test immediately and take a decision So far aetiology is concerned nicely classified in three categories But genetic transmission needs more elaboration as number of pts encountered are maximum with congenital or heridetory history Allergens or pollutants are next in category Whatsoever if clinician is updated he can takale the situation by protocols available Nebulisation or inhalers or rotacaps are proving milestones in management As a thumb rule clinician shouldnot hesistate in using steroids or beta agonists concomitantly Goal is to provide immidiate relief and oxygen saturation to be maintained In nut shell i appreciate the synopsis given will help a longway

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