asthmatic pt.nw asthma under control.came vid chest pain and fever.since 5 days.



Acute onset of fever of short duration with a shadow right upper zone... Most likely community acquired pneumonia treat with antibiotics like co-amoxivlav.. Avoid fluroquinolones... Send sputum for AFB smear and bactec culture and gram stain smear and culture and sensitivity...

l am agree with dr.k.n .poddar

pt has cap ruz might have underlying pleurisy with pleuritic chest keep tuberculosis also in mind treat as per the risk stratification vaccinate the pt in future

CAP , Treatment on the same line with atypical coverage rule out TB if not showing response in 3 4 days

pt devolped taken att in past...nw workup..

Ix.. Sputum AFB CBC CS of smear Rx.. AKT as per RNTCP guidelines if spafb positive Antibiotics as per cs report if sputum afb negative

Pneumonitis right upper lobe.

rt upper lobe pneumonitis


consolidation rt upper lobe to give levofloxacin+coamoxiclave+azithro

Rt upper zone lesion .Advanced sputum for AFB. Course of antibiotics. Keep high suspicion during follow up

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