At what age do you refer a child with developmental disability to Physiotherapy/Occupationl therapy?


I think a good answer will b as soon as one diagnose it. I will still check for any reference Dr Melitta.

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As early as diagnose, check the milestone for development, if there is developmental delays.

Very true Sir.. the earlier child gets referred , the better chances we have to prevent secondary complications and help child's abilities and the family. Thank you @Dr. Akhilesh Verma Sir.

Once I attended cme for CP , it says after 1 year or as early case is diagnosed. Bcoz axons are very active at this age . Brain development is completed by 2 years of age so as early these therapies should be started . It will help to make new axons to make synopsis with each other.

Thank you for your opinion @Dr. Shruti Saraswat Very true that maximum neuroplasticity occurs in first three years of life, so early intervention is necessary. We do not need to wait till 1 year or even for a diagnosis, since the tests also do take time. As soon as child comes with developmental delay, they should be referred for physiotherapy , vision test and basic hip screening. In high risk infants such as premature birth, low weight and those who had neonatal complications, it is best to keep a watch and follow up from time of birth so that the therapy is more proactive and child can cover the development lag as best as possible