Athletic male with history of syncope. ECG is shown below. your views

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R/o HOCM by 2Decho

Dr Vedant it will be interesting to know ECHO findings. How much dynamic obstruction. ratio of septum vs LV post wall. B blockers are the drug of choice. Ask the patient to avoid sternous exercise so as to keep heart rate minimum. Syncope is due LVOT obstruction which increases considerably in tachycardia.

hcm should b ruled despite of this an eeg should also b done and family history of epilepsy or fits.most important check if athlete was using any steroids or high doses of caffeine based products as these guys usually does to increase their performance.

there is lvh, global st-t changes and sinus bradycardia which points towards athletic heart i.e. cardiomyopathy which could be obstructive as there was syncope. 2D echo with colour Doppler will justify the case.

Echo should be done all the family members of Sudden Cardiac death. Holter might give some clue to underlying arrhythmia. Electrolytes with basic investigation and ECHO and Holter monitoring

I would like to r/o this pt.first.i will look for double impulse at the apex.murmur at the aortic area.i will definitely get a ECHO done.TROP I to r/o ACS.

24 hrs holter monitoring to search for arrhythmia, as there is no obstructive features in echo. treatment is symptomatic.

HOCM confirm by echo. screen all family memmbers

Any centres offering corrective myomectomy?

Athletic heart... Need echo evaluation...

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