Ayurveda Herbs for Anti-Inflamatory action

Inflammation a natural response of our body that causes warmth, redness, and swelling of the skin and associated pain. It can be uncomfortable, if prolonged, not checked, or chronic. If left untreated it attacks the host tissue instead—this can cause other disorders. The holistic Ayurveda works at the root cause of disease to attain long-term and lasting relief. What do you think is the most Potent Ayurveda Anti-Inflammatory in Clinical Practice? Share your experience with us.

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We can't grade aYurvedic drugs like this. As everything depends on yukti . Dosha,dushya .if one finds the way by his yukiti then that specific medicine will work for it sometimes it will be haridra, sometimes guggulu ,shithi,bramhi, Ashwagandha . Each and every drug is best when it is used based upon correct yukti.

सभी प्रकार के गुगल शोथ हर होते हैं।

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