Ayurveda Steps for Future.

Good news For AYUSH Doctors. We can believe on the policies Running By the Govt of india,as well as by Ayush Mantralaya Bharat Sarkar.It is fact tha Mananiya PM Sh. Narender Modi is working Silently for Ayush Doc in favour of Jan Kalyan & our manipulated lost AYUSH Padhti. next year nine thousands & 75 thousands with in 5 yrs,Ayush DOC will be appointed.Goid News for every body.JAI.Ayuved ,Jay DHANVANTRI Yogi Raj.



Let's see when we can found employment under Ayushman Bharat....

I hope that this news doesn't stay news. initiative should be taken!

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JAY AYURVED JAY DHANWANTARI Thank you @Dr. S.k. Mudgal sir for sharing this news.

Very Good Decision....

Welcome news for us. Thanks for sharing.

Good time for AYURVEDA

Good news

Vary good news sir.

Welcome sir.

Amazing information sir

Congratulations to all Ayush Drs.These are therapies without any side effects.

What is this

Sir you mey read the news detail.Today Hindi Reputed news Paper & After this you may ask From govt.of india "What is this"

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