Ayurvedic habbits to fight with Corona

Hello everyone.... Myself Dr Panchajanya Kumar Deevi MS(Shalakya).. Ayurvedic practitioner.... Through this Sree Dhanvanthareeyam Channel I'm trying to enlight glory of ayurvedam... Indian culture has a great impact on our lifestyle habits... But India has witnessed a lot change in indian lifestyle due to western culture impact..... CORONA has memorized our roots of indian culture and ayurvedic habits.... In this video i'm recapitulating some ayurvedic lifestyle changes which should be incorporated in our daily routine.... These definitely will help you to kick out corona.... For more videos on CORONA 1) Everyday Food habits and Home recipes to fight against COVID 1 https://youtu.be/42HfT8oNwo8 2) Home Remedies to fight against COVID 19 https://youtu.be/BaXRj57Rg_I Vedic Mantras against CORONA 3) Aditya Hridayam & Aditya kavacham parayana for better health and longevity-Arogyam bhaskaradichet https://youtu.be/9SUr44VJRfI 4) Narasimha Jayanthi anushtana mantras https://youtu.be/mdwgc0-Hqxw 5) Shankara Jayam https://youtu.be/aqPuu3ICSGw 6) Sudarshana Kavacham to safeguard from CORONA https://youtu.be/icwXUf6_iVs 7) Garudopanishad which relieves from CORONA (COVID-19), Toxins, Micro organisms & All types of Poisons https://youtu.be/Uhd28wcOhX0

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