AYUSH System Approach in COVID 19

AYUSH System approach in COVID-19 by AYUSH Ministry Source-https://www.ayush.gov.in/docs/125.pdf



I do not know on what basis the Ars alb. and that potency and administration is adopted with any clinical approval.

Defineatly it will boost the faith of Ayush Padhti /system among the public. Lot of tnx.to Ayush Ministery.

Homoeopathy science is on symptoms with reportisation any drug can come ars album is polycrest medicine

Nice information Ayush 64 tablet? Available for practice?

Ayush 64 tablet ?

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I use some patient lauq sapista I got very good result.

Very good,and very useful post

Good article and information

Very informative post

Good post doctor

Nice information

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