A 36 year old female suffering from Diffuse alopecia areata for 18 yrs..Done hair grafting 1 year back..was unsuccessful.. BAM- Normal, Sleep.. Irregular.. Suggest your valuable opinions for treatment..


you can take ayurveda medicine 1 tab Gandhak rasayan vati one bd 2 tab arogay verdhni vati two bd 3 syp khadirarisht 10 ml two times daily 4 mumtaz hair oil use effective part only aap rojana rat ko ek piyaz ka ras nikal kar lagao ek month m aaram hoga
Pachan is main imp.part so take deepan pachan kalp like chitrakadi vati ras rakt shodhak arogyavardhini n for local application gunja tail
Its autoimmune disorder chekout anyother link .is this a pure alopecia or symptom of any other autoimmune disease if it is only alopecia then use as a local application 2-2-2 2-2-2 spoon with water give her apricot almond in diet
Dear Dr. Use Jalauka on scalp at a time 3 to 4 every 4th day. For 20 days. Tab. Bhrngraj ghan 1tds Give goghruta nasyam. Keshrajini tailam at bedtime. Sarswatarist 3tsp. BD after meal. You will get fine result
Ginger juce will be very helpful It is to be applied three times Deworming should be done With aaurveda and homeopathy
diet pathya apathya work profile dosh pradhanya bowel movement
Give the dosage including vitamin A & C
Phos30. 1dose wait for 1week
Sir please find the basic cause , stress management- shodhana- nasya line of trt works better, then can go with oral medication. Take a/ taila dhara- virecana, shatbindu taila Nasya, bhringarasava, aarogya vardhini vati, asthiposhak vati, share loha
pacham is important use aarogyavardhini vati 2bd mahabrhngaraj tail local applicati praval panchmrut vati 1bd take 1cup milk at night or 1tsp gandharv haritaki coorna with warm water
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