Episodic twitching of one side of face

30 year old male, with no comorbidity has presented with continuous twitching of left side of the face just left to the nose. twitching is gross and muscle movement can be appreciated very well and there happens many episodes per day each episode lasts for 5 minutes. now there is feeling of heaviness with twitching around that area. patient has done hot fomentation, took antiallergics, reduced caffein intake, but to no avail. has been started on 20 mg prednisolone from past 5 days but not much improvement. please suggest what to do.

Posting a video would have helped. With that description, it could vary from simple twitches to blepharospasms, depending on the muscles involved. What was the idea of steroids? Are you considering bells palsy? MRI brain?
Sir will post a video by evening. The twitches involve most probably levator anguli oris sir. But video will help you tell the best. Idea of steroid was that after a week of hot fomentation and zero caffeine and res and antiallergics, it didn't improve....so started on steroid in view of any possible inflammatory irritation of nerve and as patient became apprehensive after start of feeling of heaviness.

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