Fever with Abdominal Pain

4 year girl C/o - Fever and Abdominal pain since 7 days - Fever come in every monsoon - redness of nose during fever - Uncovering during fever - Dullness during fever. After fever she became normal and playful - Desire Sweet - Thermal - Hot +++ Suggest Medicine??


I think its Rhustox bcoz of monsoon complaints
Think of medicines like Ars. Alb, Puls, Cham, Sulph Also elicit the condition during monsoon, which will give exciting cause, type of pain; bowels; appetite; thirst; fever any timings. Temp, P, R, Examination of abdomen. Also CBC and typhoid testing can be done. Homoeopathic treatment and recognising the exciting cause can help to remove the tendency of recurrence.
Camphor 200 pills diluted with water give two hourly sir if you agree single dose of bapticia 200 firstly
Fever + abdomen pain.May be worm infestation.. Cina.Lyco..Sulph.
RT 30 tds.try korte paren
Bryonia Alb 30 qid
Belladonna 30

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