Heaviness in the bladder region & abnormal vaginal bleeding

A 53 years old postmenopausal female presented with a feeling of pressure and heaviness in the bladder region as well as abnormal vaginal bleeding. Colposcopy revealed a 3.5 cm measuring bulging, resilient tumor involving the anterior part of the portion. What is your diagnosis and treatment plan?


Endometrial polyp Fibroid Advise hysterectomy
- hyper vascularity of anterior vaginal wall - taken up cervix seen almost very thin cervical area as a result of fullness occupied by mass - it means mass arising from area of internal OS to external OS of cervix hense origins from cervix only ( it has no endometrial connection) - point in fevours of cervical origins - Hyper vascularity - size of mass is only 3.5 cm - chief complains of pressure and fullness in bladder area as result of tightness of occupancy leads constant irritation of bladder trigon - So it is polypoidal mass arising from cervical area - Caution :- no space seen at external OS , hense trying to Utrine sounding will cause heavy bleeding and the goal of utrine sound will not fullfill
Assess the location from whr its arising...cervix or endometrium by using uterine sound by going around the mass. Do ultrasound to see endometrial extent of the lesion and Endometrial thickness and adnexa. Take PAP smear. Review with above for further treatment
Endocervical tumor ? Malignant . Total hysterectomy to be done and histopathological examination to be done for further evaluation and treatment.
Do CT scan pelvis u will get detials.Looks like a malignancy,to be confirmed by biopsy. Wil needs hysterectomy and chemo radiotherapy
Picture not clear but looks like endometrial polyp or fibroid portruding out of Cervix treatment hysterectomy
Endometrial polyp or Fibroid ask for CT scan of ABDOMEN CA125 Total Hysterectomy needed
Malignancy should be takeout and send for biopsy for diagnosis
Nabothelin cystic mass Fibroid (extramural)
Thanx dr Sabista Naaz

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Fibroid Need Hysterectomy
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