This Qs is specially for MBBS student. Identify the skin lesion and what does it signify? This lesion was seen in an 18 year old boy.


Thanks everyone for the wonderful discussion and everyone has answered correctly. It was a spotter for an MBBS student , so I accepted the answer by a medical student.
Acanthosis nigricans, indicating insulin resistance, is there family history of dm?
Acanthosis nigricans commonly seen in obese pts. A pre-diabetic symptom
1) acanthosis nigrans.2) photosensitivity rash.
Your option 1 is correct. Photosensitivity rash usually looks tan. Acanthosis Nigricans looks dark and velvety appearance signifies insulin resistance and common among obese. This 18 year old young adult has a high risk for future DM.

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acanthosis nigricans.circulating excess amount of insulin in insulin resistant person leads to insulin like growth factor stimulation in keratinicytes that inturn results in acanthosis nigricans.
Acanthosis nigrans sir. To investigate further for DM. Obesity. Prone to develop metabolic syndrome in future
Acanthosis nigricans seen in obesity insulin resistance ,o c pills ,hgh ,lymphomas n GI N GU cancers
Could they be familial? Not in this particular case.

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Acanthosis nigricans - signifying insulin resistance, obesity, lung malignancies
Acanthosis nigricans??? Niacin deficiency photodermatitis??? advice GTT
may develope Metabolic syndrome in future

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acanthosis nigricans seen in obesity insulin resistant also in lymphoma
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