28 year old patient having history of Fever and body pain since 10 days Headache on and off Constipation on and off Giddiness since morning Ulceration in mouth since 3 days Prakriti kapha pitta Kostha Krura Agni Manda Nindra Samanya Occupation Lecturer Mala Mutra Pravratti Samanya Please share your valuable opinion.... About Management and Ahar Vihar...


Typhoid or Enteric fevercaused by contaminated foods and water with Salmonella typhi bacteria. Diet:- High calorie and protein diet with short interval. Bapt.Q our specific remedy. Otherwise constitutional medicine should be choiced.
Tab- A flu o cil forte 2tid Tab- mahasudarshana Ghana vati 2bd Cap- A3 forte 2bd Tankana bhasma with madhu local application for ulcers Ask the patient to take plenty of fluids Ors, coconut water , fruit juices. N rest
Can b sannipataj jwar.... Sanjeevanti vati 250 mg Godanti bhasm 500 mg Sudarshan churn 2 gm Giloy satva 250 mg Avvipattikar chrn 2 gm This yog + With Amritashrist Chitrakadi vati twice daily
Sannipataja or Visham?

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Enteric Fever Rx A flu O Cil 1 TID Giloy Ghanvati 1 Tab BD Mahasudarshan Ghanvati 1 Tab BD Yastimadhu Ghanvati 1 Tab BD Plenty of fluids with easy digestible light diet nd rest....
Antrika jwara... Enteric fever... Bed rest Plenty of liquid food Boiled water Vettumaran gulika 2 bd Mahasudarshanam td Amruthothara kashayam If loose bowel ++ Add dadimastakam
Sir, give treatment for enteric fever also Called typhoid fever. ADVISE TO EAT LITTLE BUT SEVERAL TIMES A DAY. 1) GILOY SATWA IN AYURVEDA WILL BE HELPFUL!!
ENTERIC FEVER ? * Advise full bed rest. * Advise to drink Boiled water. * Frequent Liquid Bland Diet. * Protein and Vitamin Rich Supplement
Bisham jwarantak lauha, sanjeevani vati, Tribhuban kirti Ras along with Amritarista can be prescribed as it is enteric fever.
Typhoid(Enteric fever) fever,baptisia30,typhoidinum 200 is helpful medicine, along with Aurvedic management
Enteric Fever again agree with @Dr. Yashpal Chadha sir for management
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