60 yr old female with chronic cough and fever for 1 week


There are multiple cystic shadows behind the cardiac shadow.. Should rule out bronchiectasis and it's infective Aggravation by investigations like HRCT thorax...
bronchiectasis inferior love of left lung
Very simple and nice case useful in our practice.. Your case deserve more helpful votes

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chronic bronchitis with cardiomegaly
Bronchopnemonia with cardiomegaly
brochitis with cardiomegaly
Ac bronchitis
Dear Dr Ramanan I was the first to spot the diagnosis.. And you accepted my answer also.. Suddenly you discarded my answer and accepted other answer which Was a copied answer.. This type of Biased culture is not good for Curofy. Don't you want me to participate in your posts? Please do the needful...
Prominent bronchovascular markings with suggestion of increased left atrial pressure.There also appears to be a segmental collapse posterior to the heart.Echocardiogram and HRCT thorax advisable.
COPD Emphysema Cardiomegaly with? Mitral valve dis with bronchiectasis lt basal region
Acura exacerbation of copd with cardiomegaly . do HRCT chest to r/ o Bronchiectasis.
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