a 9 yr old girl brought to me for whitish discolouration...patch at rt pectoral region (image added) since from 3 months.initially it was small they tried some home remedies then no relief started increasing day by day....no itching.... I advised syp.maha manjishta 10 ml bd lukoskin ointment aply n exposure to sun light lukoskin drops internally adv to stop Abhishyanda n white coloured food plz suggest me further management


Dear Dr Santosh It is a case of VITILIGO a common disorder in which symmetrical white or pale macules appear on the skin. The face and extremities (including the genitalia) are commonly affected. It is more conspicuous in darker skin types. Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease and may occur with other such diseases (e.g. thyroid disease or alopecia areata). It is usually progressive, although spontaneous repigmentation may occur. Treatment with potent topical corticosteroids, topical calcineurin inhibitors, or phototherapy may be effective. Cosmetic camouflage may be necessary if treatments are unsuccessful. Ayurvedic treatment includes * VIRECHANA * Bakuchi tail external application twice a day * Saribhadyasava 20ml bid * Kadirarista 20 ml Bid * Exposure to morning sun light. * Arogya vardhini 2 tab bid. Thanks
Guduchi satva will help to improve immunity along with medicines givan by dr subramanyam sir

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Its vitiligo. Kayakalp vati 20gm giloy sat 20gm bakuchi churan 50gm. mix well make 60 doses take c water before meal. khadiraristh Mahamangistharist 2 2 tsf c water after meal. kaishor guggulu aaragyawardhni vati 2 tab bd c water after meal. switraghan lep for LA c gomutra. Learn the pt about virudh aahar.
It is Shwitra according to Ayurveda. And it looks like kaphaja shwitra. Please also share the history of itching and it is soft or rough in nature etc So the line of treatment is : 1) Raktamokshana by Jalauka. 2) If patient bala is good than you can also do Laghu Vaman. 3) Udumbara + Vijaysaara + Priyangu + Sauf + Khadira + Bakuchi all in equal quantity and make kwath and take twice in a day. 4) Swarnamakshika bhasma 125mg BD with madhu. 5) Bakuchi 2gm + Hartala 0.5gm + Kasis 0.5gm + Nimba patra swarasa + Gomutra mix all and make paste from it and apply over the affected area. Also can be applied Manhashilai lepa. 6) Aarogyavardhini 60tab + Sutashekhara rasa 60tab + Triphala guggul 60tab + Gandhaka rasayan 60tab + Amrita guggul 60tab + Kaishor guggul 60tab + Guduchi satva 10gm mix all properly and give 500mg BD with warm water. Pathya : Light food, eat tikta rasa dravyas, take Triphala regularly. Eat food sidha with nimba and nimba sidha ghrita also. Sashti shali chawal. Munga daal and Parval is also good. Apathya : Heavy food, Amla rasa, Dugdh (Milk), Curd , Anup mansa, Fish, Guda.
In Ayurveda this is known as Shivera kustha or Varuna kustha. Although termed as kustha, It is different than classical kustha disease. In this disease, white spots or white dis colouration takes place on the skin hence It is called Shvitra kustha. There are no other signs l pain, weeping, dryness, itching etc. Other than the cosmetic effects patient does not suffer from any other symptoms. As I know this is a disorder involving Bhrajaka Pitta of the skin my It is a disease of deficiency of Melanin pigment in the skin.Although this disease doesn't produce any other systemic malfunctions,it creates many psychological as well as social problems for the patient. There are 2 main types. One is Due to vitiation of doshas (doshas ) and another one is that is produced after scar due to traumatic injury (Vranaja ). As ayurveda stated Newly formed and in which the colour of hairs has not changed is easily curable.The one which is chronic and which is on the genitals, on the margins of the nails and fingers, on the lips is not easily curable. Herbs that will restore proper colour of the skin and will correct the metabolism of Bhrajaka Pitta should be used. These are called herbs having Tvchya properties. Herbs like Bakuchi , Manjistha , Sariva , cryptolepis Buchanana , ichnocarpus frutenscenes , and neem are indicated. po Aste made out of these herbs can also be used for external application. After application of these medicinal pastes , please patient should be asked to expose his affected skin to the early morning Sun for few minutes. Also apply Shvitra hara vati or Somoraji taila brihat on the white spots and ask the patient to expose these spots to Sun light. If the sunlight is not available, expose these spots in infra red light for 30 to 60 seconds every day. For orally you can give : Rasamanikya 65 mg (as 9 years child) + Arogya vardhini 250 mg twice daily with honey followed by Mahamanjistadya kwath 2 tsf. Some Physicians added Aswagandha 250 mg with this combination. These medicines you can give for 2 to 3 months. I find this is very effective treatment. please try .
shwitra. it is test of patience fr both physician n patient. All ha v drawn the treatment plan meticulously. I also agree with Dr.Pooja that thr is association of karmaja bhava also to it. Taking help of a jyotishi may also b beneficial. 1. mruduvirechan: kalyanaka ghrita fr snehapan asanabilwadi taila fr abhyanga manibhadravaleha fr virechana 2. shilajatu rasayana with asanadi kashaya anupana or bakuchi rasayana ( both as explained in astang hruday) 3. as the area is delicate care shld b taken fr teeksna lepa
Again I have to say that For preventing recurrence, use Vardhamana Bakuchi Kalpa. Start taking five seeds of Bakuchi in the morning and increase the quantity by one every day till the quantity is twenty one. Then start reducing by one seed every day till five. Caution : In Pitta Constitution patient, if the itching or burning micturition start stop the treatment. Avoid salty, pungent, spicy, too much fried and Sour foods. Also avoid incompatible foods.
Vitiligo try the combination of Bakuchi churna 20gm praval pisti 10gm amrita satwa 10gm sphatika bhasma 5gm rasamaniky 1gm rajata bhasma 1gm for 45 days. sarivadi vati nimba Ghana vati arogyavardhini vati 1 BD switrghna lepa with gomutra for LA. educate them on apathya and viruddh ahar .
Its shwitra according to ayurveda! You can go with line of treatment advised by Dr. Shailendra sir and Dr. Subramanyam sir. Bakuchi is scientifically proven for the management of shwitra.
Try a course of Vamana or virechana according to the case requirement or atleast a sadyo... Tiktakam gruta panam shows results but only in long term use.
Its Kilas vyadhi according to ayurveda. Bakuchi is potent herb use in this case for la , internal use also along with gomutra ..Rx .mentioned by other drs.is good ...go for it.
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