ECG Reading

Complain of palpitation and hypertension. Pls read ecg and suggest me

St segment depression and shorten T wave ..may be due to palpitation...mention B.P numbers and ongoing medications
NSR, sinus tachycardia Border line Short PR interval ( 118 msec) Since patient has presented with palpitations, consider Holter monitoring, cardiac work up, Electrophysiological studies to rule out LGL syndrome .
Ecg reveals sinus tachycardia. Tracing is not.proper .slight st depression observed in 11 111 avf.thourough cardiac evaluation needed to rule out cardiac ailment. 2d echo/ TMT
NSR Sinus tachycardia Electrical disturbances otherwise normal tracing
S tachycardia Rest is normal
Ventricular Tachycardia
ECG is normal
Thank you doctor