Sir how to manage prepartum downer cow management?


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the cow has become downer in the last stage of pregnancy, the main reason is the animal might have not have fed properly n overlooked it is mainly difficiency problem , it may b because of under feeding , malnutrion n mineral difficiency , vitamin difficiency treat the cow with 1 litr calcium magnesium borogluconate along with phosphorus slow iv , vitamin b- complex inj im , vit A n k inj , also provide mineral mixture rich in selenium along with palliative nutritive feed concentrate required quntity 2 - 3 kgs according to the size of animal n stage of pregnancy also provide green succulent fodder in sufficient quantity. also provide sufficient drinking water, n make animal in standing possition by use of slinks or local method , examine for foetus whether it is vital or not , if foetus is dead treatment for expulsion is necessity. provide regularly 3-5 litres of dns daily iv. with all this prognosis is guarded n any dystocia , rop, hydropsy foetus are going to aggravate the condition .
Thank you doctor