25 yr old male complaints of skin lesions since 3 days... Nd also back pain and polyarthalgia since 3 days... skin lesions stated first over hands then to neck face and abdomen.... no skin lesions seen lower limb..... 0/E- Hepatosplenomegaly+, febrile inv.- dengue profile- negative what is the next step in diagnosis ? or what could be the diagnosis ?


Multiple Papular Blisters--- IT'S CHCKENPOX, caused by VARICELLA ZOSTER VIRUS. - Isolation, as highly contagious - Trimming of Nails to avoid Scrathing - ACYCLOVIR or VALACYCLOVIR, Within 48hrs from da Onset of Rash - Calamine lotion - Antihistaminic - PCM - Plenty of Water intake - Personal Hygiene to avoid Secondary Bacterial Infections
Chicken pox ( varicella zoster) c autoimmune hepatitis or chronic hepatitis
@Dr. Sagar Tp -vericella zoster
Chicken pox! dew drop on Rose petal appearance
Vesicles in different stages..chicken pox..
Chicken pox ( Varicella zoster virus)
Molluscum contagiosum
Herpes zooster
Herpes zoster present in unilateral and dermatome
Chicken Pox.
Chicken pox
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