aged 72 yrs skin lesion since child hood. spot diagnosis

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Dr chandarlal its wats electric cautrization or topical solution of salicylic acid +lacgic acid can be applied for 15 days
pt has DPN and Seborrheic Keratosis. Can do RF for them. only check for presence Seb K. elsewhere on the body.
seborrhoeic keratosis with a few senile comedones . Malignant changes to be ruled out.
multiple seborrhoic keratosis can be removed by radiofrequency cautery if needed
Seborrhoeic karatosis, advised biopsy to rule out malignancy.
seborrheic keratosis, no need to any treatment at this age
Seborrhoeic keratosis
nevus o seb keratosis
Seborrhoeic Keratosis
seborrhoeic keratosis
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