a 12 /M attended OPD with right 2nd digital swelling and enlargement as shown in images.it was present since birth and gradually increasing in size.no family history and no other deformity other than that.the enlargement is not painful,non tender,soft and mobile.no other systemic complaints.baseline investigations wnl.radiological investigations awaited.the child is otherwise healthy. any spot Dx?


Macrodactyly Reconstuctive surgery. If syndactyly,separation of phalanges.
i agree with macrodactyly with reconstructive surgery. syndactyly had to seperated

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Dx:- Local Gigantism and Syndactyly both.. as Suggested by Dr.Sarita. Rx:- Color Doppler will give the presence of A.V. Malformation. Should carefully separate both the digits keeping in mind the Closure of AV malformation.
as it is increasing day by day gradually,if x-ray and usg r normal,go for total excison biopsy
Macrodactyly or local gigantism syndactyly may coexist DD Proteus syndrome ,NFM hamartoma
giant lipomatosis, will need excision of the involved tows.
cysts,lipoma,abscess,malignancy ruled out.
dermoid cyst adv. surgical excision. .
Desmond cyst
Dermoid cyst, advised surgery.
ultra sound
Dermoid cyst FNAC
congenital av malformation
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