The patient is a 77 year old man with past medical history significant for dementia, hyperlipidemia and sometimes high blood pressure. According to the patient’s family member, he started having memory problems in 2016, which worsened significantly after a few years. The patient was recently seen by his primary care physician for this issue, and all of his laboratory exams were normal, and subsequent MRI of the brain was also unremarkable. The patient noted good appetite and denied problems with sleeping or weight changes. He also denied any suicidal ideations and visual/auditory hallucinations. However, he stated that he was depressed because he was worried about his memory problems. The patient had few typical symptoms of depression, however had agitation and irritability noted by his wife in addition to depressed mood. In this case, the patient may be minimizing or is unaware of his symptoms due to his dementia. Prakriti kapha pitta Koshtha sama Agni bala visham Please suggest treatment to be followed?



no doubt DEMENTIA is a vaataj rog and as you said in only AYURVEDA we have a cure for this disease by enhancing & providing power & strength to the cerebrall region with MEDHYA dravayas alongwith Vatshamak dravyas.Certain natural herbs like Brahmi,Shankhpusphi etc plays an important role.Also PANCHAKARMA therapy like SHIRODHARA etc also plays an important role to cure such diseases.
Yes mam, Thank you so much.
प्रशम स्म्रतीसागर अभ्रक भस्स बरायटा कार्ब फाॅस्फौरा स्टॅफिसायग्रिया
Thank you sir