Baby is 2 years old . look at the photo carefully ....genital orifice is absent(?) . but urethral opening is well give me opinion .



this appears to be vaginal synechi which just requires release incision followed by steroid cream for 2 wks.

Imperforate hymen , hymenectomy under LA or short GA

vaginal also imperforate hymen....????2yrs difficult rule out... look for ambiguous genetelia...other congenital malformation???? please h/o.???

2yr without any problem,then mostly vaginal adhesions,ultrasound abdomen to look for completeness of female genital tract,then surgical intervention

labial adhesion. After usg abdomen to rule out others urogenital anamoly. If normal treatment is simple adhenolysis under G. A. followed by local steroids cream

labial synechia. use 0.1./.estrogen cream daily twice vth gentle separation to be done daily for 2months.later can be continued vth sailoderm ointment. for next few months.

it looks more like labial adhesion . do an usg to r/o Cong.anomalies . start on estrogen cream

This is vaginal synechia (labial adhesion)...A simple is release required and some steroid ointment application for about 2 weeks.

vaginal atresia.have to look for other anomalies

mayer rokitansky kuster hauser syndrome....may be

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