Back, hips & knees pain

Chief Complaint A 76 y/o female presents with back, hips & knees pain. No complaint of numbness, tingling, weakness. History Past surgical history includes Cesarian for 3 kids. No other medical history. Patient is living a sedentary lifestyle, she is an occasional smoker, lives in a rural area with her family. Vitals BP: 145/80 mmhg, Heart rate: 79 bpm, Respiratory rate: 18 bpm, Temp: 97.9 degree F Investigations Lab including CBC, thyroid function and other reports are normal. Radiograph shows joint space narrowing in knees and L3-L4. Decreased ROM in hips, Knees enlarged with decreased flexion/extension. Mild tenderness & stiffness in joints. No other abnormalities noted on physical examination. Treatment Can you please tell me how should i treat thi case?



Pain back, knees abd hips at the age of 76 female patient female patient may be of many reasons Clinically decreased range of movements of hips and knees with reduction of fisc space of of L3/ L4 goes in favour of degenerative changes. But considering the decreased ranged movements needs clinically evaluated about the causes A. Degerative changes due to osteo arthritis B. Rheumatoid arthritis C. Avascular necrosis D gross osteoporosis Blood full examination RA factor / ASO titre Vit D 3 estimation MRI of the joints and treat ar per the reports.

Thanks Dr Ashoke Leel

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* Degenerative change ** R A. ** Avascular necrosis *Osteoporosis Needs further investigation and evaluation to conclude and line of treatment.

Thanks Dr Dinesh Gupta

Plz check uric acid level Check CRP level also Otherwise Degenerative changes in joints Peripheral neuropathy Multivitamin and antioxidants D3 and vit b12 supplement s


Check Vit D3 level.


Start Calcium and do proper test

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