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Back pain

Back Pain. Radiating leg. Not walking. Chief Complaints Pain History No any past history Investigations X ray done

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Think Colocynth/ Causticum/Gnaphilinum/ Guiacum/ Macrotin/Calc.phos/ Picric acid

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From the x- ray... ( Not able to diagnose correctly with x- ray. Better to do MRI for lumbar spine to confirm diagnosis ) Age , Occupation are important & helpful factors for selecting a similar medicine. The patient may have degenerated -- slipped or herniated disc. As a result the patient is experiencing severe, radiating pain to the body part supplied by the nerve. ( sciatica ? ) Medicines like Rhus tox , Gnaphalium , Colocynth , Mag phos etc are time tested effetive medicines .

Degenerative changes seen in lumbar vertebrae. Colocynth Q maybe effective for pain

Colocynth200ch daily one dose Ruta30ch thrice a day Cal carb 6x thrice a day Rhus tox 30ch thrice a day Viscum alb Q 25 drops mix with half cup of lukewarm water n take thrice a day All follow for 3 months

Degeneration changes of Lumbar Spine this can be slipped disc or herniated disc , Start with Bryonia alba 30 , 2pills thrice a day for 2weeks and follow up by Natrum Mur 1M or Calcarb which suits the Constitution , add Calphos 3x 6tab thrice a day and CF 6x 4tab thrice a day , To know the morbid pathology MRI , serum Calcium , ionic CAlcium , CRP , Rhematoid factor , Hb1ac,

Kali carb

@@Dr. Dev Kumar Gupta @Dr. Shivam Bele @Dr. Subodh Yagnik @Dr. Jitesh Sharma @Dr. George Kurien @Dr. P. Let @Dr. Ranjit Poria @Dr. Debasish Sasmal @Dr. Subodh Yagnik

Rhus Tox , Bryonia Alb , Colocynth

Age ? Accident history??

No age 55 years

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Think Colocynth/ Causticum/Gnaphilinum/ Guiacum/ Macrotin/Calc.phos/ Picric acid

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