50 year male with cough, hemoptysis 1 episode, low grade fever for last 15 days. CECT THORAX report awaited. Sputum reports n RT PCR for SARS COV 2 awaited. Kindly give your valuable opinion n guide further management.

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Rt paracardiac radioopaque shadows with air bronchogram seen. Few inhomogenous opacities with no sharp borders are seen around the consolidation. Possibly intraluminal obstruction causing collapse. Malignancy or pneumonia are the DDs. Even after medical management, lesion remains nosresolving, may go for FOB BAL examination to conclude.

Hypodense lesion in rt midline Broncovascular margin prominent Hrct rt PCR clia Cbc CRP ddimer il6 LDH ferritin Pneumonia due to sarcov2 Oxygen antibiotics antiviral lmwh steriod if ddimer & il6 high cytomic strom then cytolimizumab

Mid zonal segmental collapse consolidation on rt side D/d CAP v/s malignancy Covid19 pneumonitis

Rt. Side consolidation present it is pneumonitis

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